What is home care?

Home care is provided to patients who are unable to leave their home for some medical care. These include patients that are able to leave home but require assistance such as those restricted to a wheelchair, or those who use walkers, canes or other assistive devices. Personal care can be provided to individuals who may have a chronic long term condition but they are medically stable. This patients can received assistance with personal grooming Home care also includes homemaker services. In this case, the patient may not need medical care, but they are unable to perform tasks, such as cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, etc.


Who pays for it?

Medicare/Medicaid will pay for medically necessary home care for patients who are disabled or 65 years or olders who are unable to leave their homes. It is important to understand that Medicare/Medicaid will NOT pay for what it considers maintenance care. For example, you loved one has diabetes but the condition is stable and simply requires daily monitoring. However, if the was a recent problem related to the diabetes such as a hospitalization. These services would be paid by Medicare/Medicaid if the physician approves and the patient meets other Medicare/Me dicaid criteria.Medicaid will pay for Personal Care and Homemaker services to eligible individuals. Many insurance companies will provide this benefit. You need to contact your insurance carrier to find out. Of course, you may pay our agency directly for services.

The rates are follows:

Skilled Nursing, physical, occupational, speech therapy: $95.00 per visit

Home Health Aides $15.00 per visit HomeMakers/Personal Care: $15.00 hour.


How do I find out if home care is appropriate for my loved one?

Contact us below or call us at (314) 367-6500. We will contact the doctor to determine if home care is appropriate. After contacting the physician, we will call you about the physician's plan of treatment for your loved one.



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